Three French Bullgod Puppies

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Welcome to Koo Koo Pooch Boutique

A warm welcome to you! Thank you for visiting our online shop.

We are a premium but affordable small UK business selling dog accessories. We design and create quality and stylish accessories for all pups. We offer beautiful dog walking essentials, including stunning adjustable dog harness sets in addition to unique handmade accessories.


We cater for all varieties and sizes of dogs; from tiny breeds and puppies to larger breeds. We adore dogs and believe they should be able to wear fun and stylish accessories everyday.

We also love our Instagram community, so why not give us a follow @kookoopooch and stay up to date on the latest fashion releases. We absolutely adore seeing the photos that you share with us of your pets wearing their KKP accessories, so please don't forget to tag us in your posts and stories for a chance to feature! Use #kookoopooch

With love,

Stella, Suki & Mika